SPIE Prism Award for Innovation in Biomedical Instrumentation

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And the winner is.. The TB Breathalyser

The SPIE Prism Awards is a leading international competition that honours the best new optics and photonics products on the market. Rapid Biosensor Systems was delighted to accept the award for the TB Breathalyser at an industry event in San Francisco which marked a significant milestone for the company as it prepares for commercialisation of its world class product.

The RBS TB Breathalyser is the fastest test for active infectious tuberculosis, delivering a result in 2 minutes after collecting a cough sample. The disposable Breathalyser technology was proven in field trials with high sensitivity and specificity of +95%. The small, robust and simple to use test is non-invasive and cost-effective in operation.

The company's patent-protected system is based on existing and proven photonics componentry which are scalable and low cost in production volume, making the product highly competitive for TB screening in the emerging market economies where rapid TB testing at the Point-of-Care is becoming an essential tool to help stop the spread of this killer disease. TB is also on the increase in developed countries and cannot be ignored.

The management team is exploring collaborations and strategic partnerships with global corporations and investor groups.

"The RBS team has seen at first hand the suffering caused by TB illness. Delivering a product that will detect early-stage infectious TB will enable treatment to start sooner. Our Breathalyser will help to save lives and reduce healthcare costs"
Dennis Camilleri, CEO.

"The company is planning to develop new tests based on its biophotonics platform for illnesses such as bacterial pneumonia, and in animal healthcare to reduce the burden of Bovine TB"
Dr Elaine McCash, Co-Inventor, Research and Technical Director.