Rapid TB Test in New Deal

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Rapid TB Test brought to Global Markets in New Deal

Rapid Biosensor Systems and Clement Clarke International agree manufacturing and sales partnership

Rapid Biosensor Systems (Rapid Biosensor), the Cambridge-based developer of rapid sensor solutions for the detection of infectious diseases, has agreed a business venturing partnership with Clement Clarke International (CCI) of Harlow, UK. CCI will exclusively manufacture and distribute Rapid Biosensor's TB breathalyser - a device that can detect the presence of TB in less than 5 minutes.

TB, a respiratory disease, kills some two million people every year and is on the increase not only in developing countries but also in first world regions. Recent UK news bulletins have highlighted the need for rapid and effective tests to enable speedy treatment and to stop the spread of this highly infectious disease.

CCI has proven its dedication to research and development in anticipation of market changes since its formation in 1917 with a series of firsts within asthma management, telecommunications and ophthalmic instrumentation. As one of the Haag-Streit Group companies for the last 15 years, CCI has focused on developing and acquiring the highest quality products to strengthen its respiratory portfolio.

Rapid Biosensor CEO Dennis Camilleri said, ' we have been seeking a Partner with world-class manufacturing facilities and established global sales channels for medical devices. We are delighted and excited about working with CCI as they will provide resources and considerable experience to reach all those that will benefit from this new test'.

CCI Managing Director Brian Woodcock said, ' CCI is continuously evaluating technologies for new business opportunities. The Rapid Biosensor TB breathalyser is a truly innovative product that fits strategically within our product portfolio and business growth targets'.

The partnership allows Rapid Biosensor to retain all its Intellectual Property Rights and to collaborate with other organisations on new sensor applications. Rapid Biosensor is also working with Universities and other opinion leaders to develop new technological applications which would further enhance the current product portfolio.

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Rapid TB Test

Rapid TB testing and diagnosis is made possible by RapidBiosensor's pioneering TB Breathalyser