Patented Technology
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Patented Technology

The main patent, 'Biological Measurement System' (PCT WO 02/084266 A2) is the main concept, device and methodology patent and covers not only the breathalyser system, but also a wide range of potential sample types and detection methods.

It has been granted in Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, USA (& Divisional), Brazil and the EU.

A second patent, 'Bioassay and Peptides for use therein' (WO2007/072063) covers the biochemistry of the assay system used to detect TB (both MTB and BTB.)

This has been granted in Australia, Russia, South Africa & USA. Accepted for grant in Canada; grant is pending in the EU.

We have filed in March 2015 a third patent 'Measuring Apparatus and Method for Biological Samples' (WO2007/072063). This patent covers a wider range of applications and techniques including multiple test capabilities and data handling.

It was filed in UK and India.

A detailed summary of our worldwide patents is available here