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Dennis Camilleri - CEO

Dennis Camilleri - CEO

Dennis has 30 years experience in general management & international business development of global high-technology companies. Since the early 1980s, he has had Directorships and senior management commercial roles with SMEs such as Melles Griot (photonics), Willett International and Leica Microsystems which were acquired by large corporations, namely Barlow Rand (South Africa) and Danaher (USA). He has developed new spin-out companies from various UK Universities, including Imperial College, and established innovative leading-edge products for industrial, pharmaceutical, mobile communications, aerospace and healthcare applications. Dennis is passionate about UK apprenticeship schemes and has consulted for Mindset (Cambridge) to help facilitate work-based learning for young people.

After graduating in Physics, and with a Masters degree in Applied Optics, Dennis started his career as an optical engineer in the fibre optics telecoms sector. He was elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK in 1998.

Elaine McCash – Technical Director

Elaine McCash - Technical Director

Elaine is a distinguished physical chemist with research and technology management experience in both academic and commercial enterprises. More specifically, Elaine has steered projects in biomedical sensor technology, biomedical diagnostics, magnetic recording media and metal/semiconductor growth. She is an expert in spectroscopy and surface science. Prior to joining RBS, she was employed by Sentec as a Technology consultant where she and colleagues conceived the RBS Breathalyser concept.

Her know-how is built on a solid academic career - historically, she managed research programmes at universities, including the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. She has served on the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Funding College. Elaine is the author of two best selling text books and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Member of the Institute of Physics.

From our base in Cambridge, we can acquire additional skills and resources from expert suppliers and consultants at appropriate times during new product development projects.

Richard Oates – Chairman of the Board

Richard is a successful international businessman with many years experience working as an executive director for multi-national companies in operations management, business development and strategic planning; mainly in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. His expertise in start-ups, joint ventures and strategic alliances is proving to be a great asset to the growth and development of RBS.

Richard continues to leverage his wealth of experience through his business management consultancy and as a private investor in health technology and bioscience companies. He is a significant investor in RBS.